Saturday, 25 August 2012

[Latest] PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates

PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates
PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates is a piece of photo-editing software. PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates allows users to upload photos and put them into various different templates. PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates also has some ability to add effects, such as turning a colour photo into a black-and-white one. 

The best feature in PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates is that you can put pictures in frames which can then be sent to friends and relatives. Some of the frames  available in PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates allow you to put more than one picture so it might be useful for putting together collages of holiday pictures, for example. 

PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates gives you an easy way to add your photo into a love style template, a pink girl style template, a baby cartoon template, or a magazine cover template etc by just one click. The frames in PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates are grouped by theme, such as 'love' and 'baby', making it easy to find the kind of frame you want for the occasion.

PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates Main Features:
1) Easy to use
Just one click, you can add your photos into the templates of PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates which you like.
2) PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates has 9 themes (styles), more than 680 beautiful templates included.
The 9 themes in PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates are: GIRL,BABY,LOVE,SIMULATION, DREAM, MAGAZINE,FESTIVAL,FRAME and OTHER. There are more than 680 templates included in PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates  which means you have more than 680 choices to make your photo more attractive. 

PhotoShine 4.6 Full Version + 700 Templates is ideal For someone who wants to create framed photos quickly and without too much thought.

(Turn Off Your Antivirus when using this software. Don't Worry It's not a Virus Actually)

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Spy Your BlackBerry, iSpy

iSpy is a hybrid software which allows you to silently monitor your BlackBerry device in real time.This unique system records the activities of anyone who uses your BlackBerry in complete stealth. You install the small program onto your device.After the software is setup on your phone it will record SMS, call, BBM chat activities and then silently keeps the data.When you want to view results, simply visit the app and enter the password to see the activity logs. iSpy is a Password protected App that comes with customizable Icon and Name.
1. Call Log: Each incoming and outgoing number is logged along with time stamp.
2. SMS Log: Every text message is logged even if the device's logs are deleted. Includes full text.
3. E-Mail Log: All inbound & outbound email activities are recorded.
4. Media Log: All photos taken or viewed on the device are recorded & are view-able.
5. File System: Keeps a track of all the file changes on your device.
6. Application Log: Tracks all the applications visited along with the time visited.
7. Password protected
8. Customizable Icon and Name

***How to Spy***
To activate or deactivate the tracking, simply type the Tracking sequence. Default tracking sequence is  RED - END CALL BUTTON and then ESCAPE BUTTON (4 times in a row). You can set your own tracking sequence from the settings.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Windows 7 Activator Windows Loader 2.1.9 by Daz

Windows 7 Activated
Windows 7 Activated
Windows Loader 2.1.2 is a useful tool for the activation of Windows 7, Vista, and Windows Server 2008. Windows Loader will make our windows seemed to be genuine. How to use is also very easy, so I'm sure everyone can do it.

Tested on Various versions 32 and 64 bit.

Windows Loader 2.1.2 By Daz
Windows Loader 2.1.2 By Daz
Supported operating systems:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 7 Ultimate E
Windows 7 Professional
Windows 7 Professional E
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Home Premium E
Windows 7 Home Basic
Windows 7 Starter
Windows 7 Starter E
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Business N
Windows Vista Home Premium
Windows Vista Home Basic
Windows Vista Home Basic N
Windows Vista Starter
Windows Server 2008 R2: Enterprise
Windows Server 2008 R2: Standard
Windows Server 2008 R2: Foundation
Windows Server 2008: Enterprise
Windows Server 2008: Standard
Windows Server 2008: Foundation
Windows Small Business Server 2008

Note: You must be running build 7600 or Greater for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Virus scanner results
All virus scanner detection's are a false-positive as long as the MD5 matches. Simply turn off your anti-virus while installing the loader.

How To Use:
1. Run "windows.loader.2.1.9.exe"
2. Click on "Install" for install application
3. Click Windows Loader.exe
3. Click the profile menu tab, then set according to the brand of your Laptop / PC respectively. If the brand does not exist, go to the next step.
4. Back to the installation menu tab, then click install.
5. Let your Laptop / PC restart

Download Windows Loader 2.1.9 by Daz Here
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