Sunday, 4 November 2012

Flash Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM

Samsung Galaxy Wonder
Flash Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM
I'm gonna tell you step by step how to Flash Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM. This method uses Odin downloader tool instead of Kies which is useful for downgrading, upgrading and reverting your device back to its original stock or official firmware. 

Grab the files needed for flashing Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM

* Odin Multi Downloader v4.43 + Ancora Ops 

* Stock ROMs for Samsung Galaxy W GT-I8150 
(choose the right firmware that match with your device product code)
* Samsung driver 

Procedure of Flashing Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM
1. Run Odin Multi Downloader v4.43
2. Load the OPS file
- click on Ops button then select and load the Ancora.ops.
  Always mark these option: Protect OPS, Auto-Reboot and F-Reset time.
3. Load md5 files (Stock ROM file) with the One Package button.
For example: I8150XXKK1_I8150OXXKJ6_I8150XXKK1_HOME.tar.md5
4. Set Galaxy Wonder I8150 into "Download Mode" 
-  Before connecting galaxy wonder to PC USB you need to put galaxy wonder into download mode state, so that Odin will recognize it. To set galaxy wonder into download mode, turn the 'POWER OFF' then gently press and hold the Volume Down, Home and Power Button at the same time. 
Then there's confirmation message appears like the picture below,  then just press "Volume Up to continue".
5. Connect galaxy wonder to PC or laptop 
- Once galaxy wonder displays "Downloading... Do Not Turn Off  Target", it's now time to connect galaxy wonder to PC. In Odin the COM: Mapping box will turn color  to yellow and it says "added! or detected!!" in the log box when galaxy wonder is properly connected and Odin recognizes your galaxy wonder.
6. Click the "START" button 
- Once all of the above was set and went smoothly begin flashing Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROMWait until the firmware installation finishes. You will be notified with a word "PASS!" in Odin if the Flashing Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM process successfully completes. Let your galaxy wonder reboot for a while, then it's time to unplug it from PC.

If the flashing Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM fails don't panic. Switch to a different port of your PC and then repeat the process of Flashing Galaxy Wonder to Stock ROM again.

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