Thursday, 13 June 2013

[CWM] Clockworkmod Recovery Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean [4.3]

ClockWorkMod Recovery
Clockworkmod Recovery Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean [4.3]
Clockworkmod Recovery Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean [4.3] gives you more options in the Recovery Mode. Features of Clockworkmod Recovery Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean [4.3] include Nandroid backup, adb shell, advanced options (ignore asserts and signature checks), and file browser for choosing update.zips. Clockworkmod Recovery Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean [4.3] is one of the famous recovery replacements for android and has been used widely on the globe.

Installing Clockworkmod Recovery Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean [4.3] is necessary if you like changing ROMS and flashing KERNELS as well as other modifications to the phone system. To avoid damaging phone you are advised to make a Nandroid backup in case you experience system failure and your device can't boot as normal or some features and applications don't work well after the modification. Stock Recovery doesn't provide option for Nandroid Backup.

How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean [4.3]
  • Download Galaxy Nexus Toolkit and install it.
  • 80% Battery to prevent power loss on the process that can damage your phone.
  • Enable USB Debugging in setting/developer options and then connect your device with USB cable.
  • Execute Galaxy Nexus Toolkit
  • Type "no" if you are prompted to check the newer version
  • Select your device type. Download Android System Info in Google Play to check your device type.
  • Type 1 to Install Galaxy Nexus Drivers [skip this if drivers are already installed]
  • Type 6 to Flash Recovery
  • Type 1 to Flash Clockworkmod Touch Recovery
  • Type 'no' to go into Fastboot Mode
  • Your device will restart. Once it goes into Fastboot Mode the process will start automatically. Pay attention to Galaxy Nexus Toolkit to see the process. When the toolkit goes back to main menu, that means the process has finished.
  • You can check CWM by booting into Recovery Mode. Turn off the phone and then hold together volume up + volume down + power button. Use the volume button to scroll among the options. Find Recovery Mode and use power button to confirm. [Picture on the top]

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